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National support schemes

National support for agriculture, food sector, fisheries and rural development is state aid provided from the state budget of Lithuania to agriculture, food sector, fisheries and rural development, de minimis aid and/or other support granted for the activities specified in the rules for the implementation of measures.
In 2017, Lithuanian farmers received national support of the transition period twice. During the year, farmers received pay-outs for 2016 (payments were made in February) and for 2017 (payments were made in September, November and December). Lithuanian farmers were paid a total of about EUR 46 million from the state budget.
In 2017, NPA administered 44 national support measures. The most support (excluding national support of the transition period), namely EUR 15.1 million, was disbursed under the Biofuel Production Development Programme. This programme is aimed at creating opportunities to use agricultural produce for non-food purposes, to reduce dependence on imported fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.
Changes in the amount of national support paid to beneficiaries in 2004–2017, M Eur.
2004 38,516 
2005 40,003
2006 42,936
2007 93,952
2008 39,948
2009 67,241
2010 40,201
2011 36,023
2012 41,188
2013 30,446
2014 43,365
2015 38,453
2016 45,64
2017 46
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